Your accessible bridge to the world of psychedelics.

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TRIP ON THIS isn’t just a podcast…
It’s an idea.
An idea that believes in you.

It sees your potential and pushes you forward. It gives permission to be your most authentic self. It celebrates all that you are and all that you will become. It believes you should experience all the joy, pleasure, depth, and fullness of what it means to be alive.

The human spirit cannot be boxed in. It’s too funny, too deep, too tender, too loving, too gracious, too naughty, too nice, too everything worth living. 

TRIP ON THIS leans into the full spectrum of human existence. Through engaging conversations, opportunities for self-expression, and direct experiences that connect and uplift, TRIP ON THIS helps create a bridge to a new way of being.

Disclaimer: This show is not intended for children. The content of this podcast is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Neither the host, nor the guests of this podcast encourage the use of psychedelic substances. Psychedelics are widely illegal in most countries, therefore the sale and distribution of these substances may not be regulated. Psychedelics can also be dangerous and can pose a serious threat that can lead to both physical harm and mental illnesses. Though not the recommendation of this podcast, if you are set on having a psychedelic experience, please seek the advice of a medical and mental health professional.