About Kat Walsh


Kat Walsh is the Creator and Host of TRIP ON THIS. A dedicated seeker who’s committed to helping her listeners learn and uncover as much about themselves as possible.

Prior to launching TRIP ON THIS in December 2020, Walsh worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry working with talent at Creative Artist Agency (CAA), developing series as Director of Development at Edyson Entertainment, and overseeing major marketing campaigns for BMW, HBO, and Freeform.

Walsh’s latest venture is the launch of her second podcast LIFE WITH KAT WALSH, a solo podcast centered around the raw, vulnerable nature of the spiritual awakening journey.

Creating these two podcasts have been the scariest and most fulfilling leap of faith she’s ever taken in her life.

TRIP ON THIS and LIFE WITH KAT WALSH are available on all major podcast platforms and YouTube.

Trip On This Website: http://www.triponthispodcast.com
Life With Kat Walsh Website: https://www.lifewithkatwalsh.com/

Why did I create TRIP ON THIS?

“Early man had every right to be highly cautionary with many scary creatures out to eat them. But what’s our story? Even though we know we wouldn’t be on the menu of some hungry carnivore, there are still many who can’t shake their fear of the unknown. Saying ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’ feels safer, even though it shuts us down to new adventure and dulls our life.

Psychedelics allowed me to say yes.

Yes to bold possibilities. Yes to big dreams. Yes to a magnificent life.

When I began to shed the old layers of fear, and opened myself up to a new way of being with deep trust and surrender in my heart, a new vision began to appear. It showed me that everything is possible. That there is nothing holding us back. That when we walk in the direction of our Higher Self and allow the inner voice to guide us, our steps become lighter, our relationships become richer, our love becomes deeper, and life becomes the miracle it is.

TRIP ON THIS is my vision and hope for the world. It’s exciting when we discover the incredible power within. We all have it. It’s not a secret, it’s a choice.

Let’s all keep the dream alive of a better world.”