About Kat Walsh


If you’re looking to find a lofty resume of on-air credits, let me know when you find it.

To be honest — this wasn’t my world. While I did work in the entertainment industry, I was always behind the scenes. Whether that was working at Creative Artist Agency (CAA), working as the Director of Development at a TV production company, or overseeing major entertainment marketing campaigns, creating and hosting a podcast is a whole new thing for me.

Yet I felt called to create this podcast, and thankfully, it turned out well. This has been the scariest and most fulfilling leap of faith I’ve ever taken in my life.

Because I found passion.

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Why did I create TRIP ON THIS?

1) Psychedelics changed my life and I wanted to share the power of these transformative medicines with the world. To help reshape and reframe the way in which we view psychedelics as a society. There is no “TRIP ON THIS” without psychedelics. Not because of the subject matter itself, but because Kat two years ago would have never bet on herself.

That all changed after a stint of fairly regular psilocybin journeys in 2019. I recall the moment when I suddenly realized “I can do anything I want”. This incredible light bulb moment. And from there, the programming and conditioning around what I believed was and wasn’t possible started to unravel through deep, personal self-exploration and I began to write a new story. A story that followed heart over mind. Passion over practicality. Courage over fear.

I created TRIP ON THIS to help people who were just like me, surviving not thriving, and open their minds to the incredible power they have within themselves. Because they do. We all do. And though psychedelics are by no means the only way to access that highest truth, it sure is one way.

2) Legalization / Decriminalization of psychedelics. Psychedelics have been and will continue to be on the ballot. I wanted to create an engaging resource for people to come and learn about psychedelics from a firsthand account. Help normalize them. So that when it’s time to hit the voting booth, people can make the best possible decision for themselves.

3) Divine Surrender. The story of TRIP ON THIS is very much about the journey itself. The journey through my own fears and doubts as I embark on creating the life of my dreams. It is the story of looking fear directly in the face and seeing it for what it is — the king imposter of illusion.

TRIP ON THIS is an invitation in radical trust and radical faith when pursuing a soul calling. Throughout my podcast episodes, I narrate my own journey of creation and all the joys and fears that emerge from that space. My deep hope with this podcast and by sharing my story is that others find the spark within themselves to know that anything is possible. That when we shed the stories we have built around ourselves, when we surrender to a higher calling, and decide to take the leap, it is beauty that awaits.

I am still on the journey of understanding, awakening to vistas I’ve never experienced before. It’s exciting to share them with you and I’m humbled to have you by my side.