Much like the genie trapped in the bottle, psychedelics have found their way out again and are heralding their newfound freedom.

Kat Walsh’s TRIP ON THIS is a psychedelic podcast that’s filled with entertaining discoveries that enhance the mind and nourish the soul. It’s an invitation for those standing on the sidelines wondering if life could be
different for them.

Can happiness actually be my reality? Can I really start over? Is there still time to live the life of my dreams?

For Kat, the answer is YESYES, and YES.

We are here and now and it should count. Nobody’s a throwaway human. Our levels of wisdom and joy are boundless and it’s there for the asking.

Well, Kat is asking…

From topics such as untapped potential, deepening spirituality, interdimensional stories, ancient wisdom, inspired futurism, and of course –an accessible guide to working with a variety of psychedelics, TRIP ON THIS podcast keeps it fresh and fun as Kat and her listeners uncover what we’re all about.

Learn more about the inspiration for the show under the “About Kat Walsh” section.