Episode 9

Jonathan de Potter is the Founder of Behold Retreats and his wealth of knowledge about plant medicine permeates this conversation. 🌿✨ We discuss topics like: who plant medicine is for, the potential of plant medicine vs the lost potential, spirituality & consciousness, and the work they’re doing at Behold Retreats bridging the gap between the corporate world and plant medicine.

About Jonathan: Jonathan de Potter is the Founder of Behold Retreats, a bespoke wellness service that facilitates journeys of self-discovery and transformation, supported by the scientifically proven benefits of plant medicine therapy. Jonathan is passionate about raising awareness on the benefits of plant medicine therapy, and its potential to improve wellbeing and mental health outcomes. This led him to launch Behold Retreats in 2020, providing curated programs incorporating a memorable plant medicine retreat in a safe, legal and highly supported setting.