Episode 23

I absolutely loved speaking with documentary filmmaker Kumiko Hayashi and indigenous filmmaker, Jimmy Piaguaje. For the last five years, Kumiko has been living with indigenous tribes in the Amazon creating a new documentary film called The Roots Awaken.

We talk about the indigenous prophecy of the Fifth World, we talk about shamanism, we discuss plant medicine, and we cover how westerners can help the indigenous. It’s such a good ep!

Catch the trailer of The Roots Awaken today at https://www.therootsawaken.com/trailer for a little teaser of the film.

Guest Links & Resources:

The Roots Awaken (Film) – https://www.therootsawaken.com

Kumiko Hayashi – http://www.instagram.com/kumiihayashi

Jimmy Piaguaje – https://www.facebook.com/siekopai

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