Episode 53

Welcoming back to the pod for the second time is my friend Sum Patten. Sum is a writer, musician and creative strategist. During this episode, we dive into Sum’s first Ayahuasca experience, the prep, choosing a Shaman,  how it all went down and the big takeaways. We also both discuss our first time sitting with 5-MEO-DMT/ Bufo.

This is an especially great episode for those new to their Ayahuasca journey and want a more step-by-step look at the experience, although the wisdom that is shared is truly for everyone. Enjoy!

Guest Social:
Sum Patten – http://www.instagram.com/sumkilla

Trip On This Social & Links:
Host Kat Walsh: http://www.instagram.com/lifewithkatwalsh
Website: http://www.triponthispodcast.com

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