Loneliness On a Mushroom Trip

I’ve had more transcendent experiences with psychedelics than I can count but every so often, the experience isn’t so magical. In fact, sometimes trips can be deeply uncomfortable (and even scary).

That’s how my last experience was with magic mushrooms. Not so much scary but very uncomfortable. Now I will say I knew I was going into this trip with the intention of doing some shadow work and really clearing away some old energies that have been holding me back from experiencing pure love. But as mushrooms do, how my intention manifested was not what I expected (lesson number 1: ditch all expectations!)

Anyway, I got what I needed. Was it fun? No. Am I grateful? 💯

Sometimes we need to have a little wake up call to shake us out of our stupor and address the things that need to be addressed.

So with that, enjoy the video.

Ps — I took 1.65 gram of Ghost Albino Penis Envys. They are believed to be a hybrid between the Ghost strain and Albino Penis Envys (APEs.) Aka extremely strong. Based on the visuals, I’d say it would have been about an 8th of Golden Teachers for visual reference.

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