First ever Trip On This Community-style episode and it is 🔥🔥🔥. Thank you to Maria Augustina for coming on the show to share her story. In this episode, we talk about about the following topics:
– Assimilating in America from Buenas Aires
– Identity Crisis
– Overcoming Addiction
– Psychedelics for discovering life purpose & identity

If you are interested in telling your story on TRIP ON THIS, there are two more open spots for the community episodes. Details at the bottom on how to enter!

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Have you been listening to TRIP ON THIS and wishing you could tell your story? Well wish no further! TRIP ON THIS is adding 2 more bonus-style episodes this year featuring YOUR stories.

Here’s how it works:
1) Head over to Apple Podcasts and Rate & Review TRIP ON THIS. If you don’t have an iPhone, kindly ask a friend to do it for you. 🙂
2) Once it posts, take a screenshot and email it to Kat at triponthispod.info@gmail.com. Note: sometimes it takes a couple days for the review to show up publicly.
3) Email Kat the screenshot of the posted review, a little background on yourself, and a couple sentences on how psychedelics have changed your life.

I’ll be choosing two more people from the community for the 2023 year

If speaking on podcasts isn’t your thing but you still want to support Trip On This AND get a free TOT tote bag, follow the same instructions above! Once the review posts to Apple podcasts, send me a screenshot of it and add in the subject line “TOT Tote Bag”. I will be giving out 5 free tote bags in the month of May 2023! 

Mush love, everyone!

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