Episode 17

Calling all Space Coyotes! People who are unapologetically themselves. On this week’s episode of TRIP ON THIS, I’m with Libby Cooper, the Co-Founder and President of cannabis brand, Space Coyote.

During this ep, we talk about her journey as a cannabis entrepreneur, the process of creating cannabis products, and of course — psychedelics! Great ep for anyone who’s particularly interested in learning more about being an entrepreneur in the Cannabis space.

About Libby: Libby Cooper is President and Co-founder of Space Coyote. An artist and established contributor / advocate in the cannabis industry, Libby is the creative genius behind Space Coyote, crafting a brand that stands out from the noise and pulls people in. In less than 18 months, Libby has led Space Coyote to be a top 20 preroll brand in California. Space Coyote is now one of the fastest growing woman owned / operated cannabis companies, and is sold in over 250 dispensaries.

Social Media & Additional Links:

Space Coyote: @spacecoyote on IG & Facebook

Libby Cooper: @libbycooper on Instagram

Space Coyote Website: www.spacecoyote.org