Episode 48

Joy Shaw is a holistic wellness facilitator, a psychedelic integration coach, and a mom of three girls.

As a stroke survivor who has experienced first-hand the effectiveness of a holistic, energetic approach to healing, she began sharing the knowledge and techniques learned to maintain her own vitality and wellness, developing a dedication and skill for facilitating others practically and intuitively on their paths to wholeness.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Joy’s near-death experience from a brain aneurysm and how psychedelics & other holistic modalities helped put her life back together.
  • Healing her relationship with her eldest daughter in a joint mushroom trip.
  • Psychedelic journeying with her mom at the Grand Canyon after finding out about troubling news.
  • Understanding a guided trip and tips to look for in choosing a psychedelic integration coach.

If this episode resonates, please share it with a friend, family member or anyone you know who can benefit from this knowledge!

Guest Info:
Joy’s Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/expectedjoyholistic
Joy’s Website: https://www.joyshaw.com/story

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