Episode 51

Matt Stang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Delic Corp, one of the leading psychedelic wellness companies in the country with over 12 Ketamine Clinics and 15 more soon to be rolled out. Prior to Matt starting Delic Corp, he was the Owner and Operator of High Times Magazine playing a major role in the cultural adoption and legalization of Cannabis in U.S. He was also the man responsible for bringing the Cannabis Cup to America. 👏👏👏

During this episode, we dive into the following topics:
* Cannabis vs Psychedelic Legalization — Why has the path for psychedelics been much clearer toward legalization as opposed to Cannabis?
* Discussion around how psychedelics are the single greatest hope right now for mental health based on the science.
* How Delic Corp is bringing affordability to Ketamine-Therapy
* Meet Delic! The premiere psychedelic conference in Las Vegas. Why events like this matter to the movement.
* Discussion around psychedelic group therapy & new containers for psychedelic healing including experiences centered around joy, play and artistic expression.

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Episode 38

SGT(R) Jonathan Lubecky is an Iraq veteran who had his life saved by MDMA-assisted therapy. As a participant in MAPS’ Phase 2 clinical trial for MDMA-assisted therapy, Jonathan went into this session suffering from severe PTSD which included 5 suicide attempts, and came out of the trial saying he longer suffers from PTSD at all. 

Now a governmental and veteran liaison for MAPS, Jonathan has been sharing his remarkable story of healing to help bring awareness to this life-changing MDMA treatment. While MDMA-assisted therapy is not legal for therapeutic use yet, it is projected that the FDA will likely approve it by 2023. 

During this ep, Jonathan discusses his story, what the clinical trial was like, why he feels it helped and what his plans are for the future to help bring this breakthrough therapy to the countless other people who are suffering from PTSD.

If you know anyone suffering from PTSD, please share this episode and help spread the word that help is on the way. 

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