Episode 5

If the title of the episode sounds interesting, wait until you watch it! Michelle DeBellis is a master storyteller. As a reality TV producer who works with talent, she really is the talent herself in her own right. We talk about Michelle’s first time doing magic mushrooms, how amazing being intimate is with a partner you love on a psychedelic, and soul alignment. We also just have a lot of laughs.

About Michelle: Michelle DeBellis is a TV Producer that always puts respect and honesty first when it comes to her personal and professional relationships. The simple phrase: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated,” really resonates to her true character! This native New Yorker has worked on some of the biggest prime time shows of our time! A proud New Yorker, Michelle still has her Long Island accent and always lets people know where she’s originally from when she first meets them… but don’t all New Yorker’s do that?! Haha all jokes aside, she is a believer in the research behind psychedelics and hopes this research can help out with mental illness in the near future.