Episode 6

What? You didn’t think a magic mushroom trip reminiscent of the book Dante’s Inferno and dating advice could be in the same video? Think again! 😜

My guest, Lloyd Dixon, is a coach for single men and a big fan of psychedelics, so naturally the two topics came up in conversation. From funny (and a bit harrowing!) psychedelic stories, to sound advice for dating, to the intersection of the two, Lloyd and I cover some interesting ground about navigating emotion.

About Lloyd Dixon: Starting out as an introverted, depressed, and lonely nerd in school, Lloyd Dixon eventually learned, through incredible effort and self-help, how to become a man that women wanted. He was tired of dealing with all the misleading mainstream, and fringe, pick up advice that men were receiving. So, he started TheSingleGuy to give practical, actionable and honest dating advice for men. From his results-based coaching, to his 100,000 person audience on his YouTube channel, Lloyd helps thousands of men improve their dating lives every day.