Episode 12

I LOVE music festivals. And I’m not shy about it. Neither is my guest, Joe Cole, who has averaged 15 festivals per year since 2010 (sans 2020, of course). It’s all about the energy, the creativity, the music, the community, and just the outright FUN. There’s no wonder in 2019, an estimated 30 million people attended a major festival in just the U.S. alone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of festivals there are, why they keep drawing people like Joe and I back year after year, and want to take a trip down memory lane on some of our favorite festival moments, this is the episode for you!

About Joe: Joe Cole is a creative strategist, artist, dance music enthusiast, Burner, reader, traveler (never a tourist), and most of my days are good hair days. His artist ethos is “Inspire joy” and his life motto is “Risk everything.” He’s trying to figure out what’s next for him while touring the country in a campervan. It almost never rains on him and he has an award-winning guacamole recipe.

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