Episode 14

I remember when DoubleBlind first came across my radar. I was struck by the beautiful balance of what I’d call true psychedelic culture, while also being an objective, fact-based journalistic outfit covering a wide range of topics within the psychedelic renaissance. From psychedelic legislation, to Ayahuasca tourism, to good ol’ fashioned “trip” tips, DoubleBlind is a wealth of psychedelic knowledge.

And so was my guest Shelby Hartman. The Co-Founder and CEO of Double Blind. In this episode, we cover everything from microdosing vs macrodosing, decriminalization and legalization, to Shelby’s own personal experiences with plant medicine. A great balance of personal insights and fact-based information, this episode is not to be missed!

About Shelby: Shelby Hartman is the co-founder and CEO of DoubleBlind, a media company and education platform at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelic movement. Also a reporter and editor specializing in psychedelics, cannabis, drug policy, and mental health, her work has appeared in VICE, Quartz, the Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone, among others.