Episode 50

Acacea Lewis is an Anthropologist, Plant Medicine Researcher, and the Founder of Divine Master Alchemy.  

During this episode we dive into the following topics:
– History on the Ancient Aztecs & the “Mushroom Priests”
– Tips for eating large amounts of mushrooms to help bypass body heaviness, back pain, etc.
– Discussion around lesser known plant medicines that SHOULD get their due!
– Why understanding ancient & modern day Indigenous wisdom matters today

To dive deep on these topics, consider joining Acacea for Divine Master Alchemy starting March 18, 2022 at https://divinemasteralchemy.com/.

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Episode 24

On this week’s ep, I’m with psychedelic advocate Claire Campolo. Working in outreach for psychedelic advocacy group Decriminalize California (DecrimCA), Claire is helping to lead the pack in gathering volunteers to help push forward the initiative to decriminalize psilocybin in the state of California. 🍄

During this ep, we talk about different #microdosing regiments, the intentional use behind microdosing and macrodosing, and of course discuss the #decriminalization efforts taking place right now. ❤️

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Claire Campolo: http://www.instagram.com/claire.galac…

DecrimCA IG: http://instagram.com/decrimca

DecrimCA Website: http://www.decrimca.org

Paul Stamets Stoned Ape Theory Link: https://youtu.be/Nxn2LlBJDl0

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