Princella and Zeno are a husband-wife duo and psilocybin mushroom guides. To sum up this episode — it’s about walking in faith. Plus I laughed more times than I can count as they walk us through how they went from Detroit, to California, landed a TV show on Bravo and ultimately how they were led toward the shamanic path where they now hold their own mushroom ceremonies. Enjoy!

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If you are choosing to embark on a #psychedelic journey, it’s important to make sure you are safe and setting yourself up for success. This video contains 5 simple tips for psychedelic #safety.

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to take psychedelics. This is purely for informational purposes only.

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When a Friend is Having a ‘Bad Trip’

Lessons on lessons on lessons. This episode is about the recent retelling of my Live Stream Mushroom Trip gone awry!

Episode includes:
– Having the right “mindset” before a journey
– Getting caught unexpectedly by the power of a psychedelic trip (when you weren’t intending to have one!)
– Navigating when a friend or loved one is having a challenging time on a psychedelic 
– Trip Reports

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Magic Mushrooms for Muscle Tension

Story time! I recently had muscle spasms that were so severe that they put me in Urgent Care. Unfortunately, the relief the doctor gave me was only minor. It wasn’t until I ended up taking psilocybin mushrooms (aka magic mushrooms) did my entire body relax and the pain could subside.

Please note!!!! This is not medical advice nor do I recommend you try this for your own self-treatment. I’m just sharing a story about my own experience with magic mushrooms and physical pain relief. My hope is the scientists add this to their long cue of potential studies!

Mush love!


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Episode 50

Acacea Lewis is an Anthropologist, Plant Medicine Researcher, and the Founder of Divine Master Alchemy.  

During this episode we dive into the following topics:
– History on the Ancient Aztecs & the “Mushroom Priests”
– Tips for eating large amounts of mushrooms to help bypass body heaviness, back pain, etc.
– Discussion around lesser known plant medicines that SHOULD get their due!
– Why understanding ancient & modern day Indigenous wisdom matters today

To dive deep on these topics, consider joining Acacea for Divine Master Alchemy starting March 18, 2022 at

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Episode 25

I did a 5 gram heroic mushroom trip by myself in total darkness. I was searching for answers. Needing help. Needing direction. Needing a breakthrough.  

Today’s 25th episode is about that experience. But it’s so much more than that. This is a story about faith. About trust. About a deep willingness to surrender to the unknown and stand in one’s truth.   

This is also my “allow me to reintroduce myself” moment. It’s the truest expression of who I am today, who I was in the past, and what lies ahead. I admit — it’s a bit of an unusual solo episode but this what came through.  

If you resonate with the message, please share it.  

We’ll be back to our usual program next week with some wonderfully stellar guests ahead.

Much love, Kat 

Books & Oracle Deck mentioned in episode:

“The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav , “Existential Kink” by Carolyn Elliott, “The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle” by Amanda Ellis 

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Episode 1

In this episode of Trip On This, Natalie Garnica and host, Kat Walsh, discuss a range of topics from different psychedelic experiences with Magic Mushrooms, LSD, and DMT, to discussing self-love, self-pleasure and how sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality can be a powerful source of energy.

About Natalie: Natalie Garnica is a creative, spiritual, female entrepreneur  in service of a better world through self love. She combines her work as a fashion stylist and production manager to support women get clear on their personal gifts and values so they can trust themselves to take action and create a fulfilled life.