Episode 44

Sasha Cuff is a Relational Somatic Practitioner who has been working with people for 25 years on  healing their trauma through a variety of different modalities. Sasha discusses how it’s trauma that is at the root of depression and anxiety — even if the trauma is not remembered consciously!

We’re learning that trauma is stored in the body as a loop within a person’s central nervous system and the way to heal that trauma is through the body. This is why talk therapy alone has only taken us so far in helping to tackle depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, among many other ailments.

Heal the body, heal your mind. 

If you’ve been hitting a wall with your anxiety, depression or PTSD, I invite you to dive into your physiology with Sasha Cuff in his “Physiology of Trauma Masterclass” below. Sasha takes you through step-by-step processes on how to heal trauma that’s stored in the body.

The Physiology of Trauma Masterclass: https://www.nectara.co/masterclasses/physiology-of-trauma?via=kat

Free Resources:
Working with Trauma Toolkit: https://www.nectara.co/grow/working-with-trauma?via=kat
Psychedelic Therapy Prep & Safety Guide: https://nectara.co/grow/prep-and-safety?via=kat

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