Episode 26

Sasha Kovalchick is a certified holographic sound healer, yoga teacher, and spiritual mentor. Inspired by her own struggles to unlock her throat chakra, her mission is to empower and celebrate people to embody their fullest expression.

During this ep, we get into her #soundhealing journey, #psychedelics + sound baths (aka amazing), her recent journey into #polyamory, and so much more!

More About Sasha: Through her sound healing, coaching, workshops, yoga classes, and retreats, Sasha empowers you to open your heart, unlock your throat chakra, and express your authentic self.

Book mentioned: Eastern Body, Western Mind by – Anodea Judith

Guest Socials & Resources: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sasha.starseed

Website: https://linktr.ee/sasha.nicole

Sasha’s Offerings: – Innerbloom Retreat! Awaken Your Fullest Expression through Movement, Voice Activation and Conscious Connection. September 30- October 3

– Resonate Your Radiance! 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship Program.

– 1:1 Sound Healing and Private Group Sound Healings

– Every Tuesday: Free Your Voice! Workshop. Unlock Your Throat Chakra. Heal with Sound.

– June 27: Full Moon Sound Bath. Relax. Restore. Release. including reiki, astrology, tea ceremony, intuitive message, and more!

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