Magic Mushrooms for Muscle Tension

Story time! I recently had muscle spasms that were so severe that they put me in Urgent Care. Unfortunately, the relief the doctor gave me was only minor. It wasn’t until I ended up taking psilocybin mushrooms (aka magic mushrooms) did my entire body relax and the pain could subside.

Please note!!!! This is not medical advice nor do I recommend you try this for your own self-treatment. I’m just sharing a story about my own experience with magic mushrooms and physical pain relief. My hope is the scientists add this to their long cue of potential studies!

Mush love!


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Episode 31

On this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to Kelli Tennant. Kelli is a Top 50 Podcast host leading the way for women to step into their sexuality unapologetically.

During this episode, we discuss her road to recovery after a diagnosis with Fibromyalgia, we talk sexual liberation, we talk psychedelics, and we talk empowerment.

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More about Kelli: As a former TV Host, Kelli knows what it’s like to be the good girl and follow the rules, and she’s helping others break out of this toxic cycle. She’s created an incredibly successful media company and facilitates transformative women’s circles.

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