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Magic Mushrooms for Muscle Tension

Story time! I recently had muscle spasms that were so severe that they put me in Urgent Care. Unfortunately, the relief the doctor gave me was only minor. It wasn’t until I ended up taking psilocybin mushrooms (aka magic mushrooms) did my entire body relax and the pain could subside.

Please note!!!! This is not medical advice nor do I recommend you try this for your own self-treatment. I’m just sharing a story about my own experience with magic mushrooms and physical pain relief. My hope is the scientists add this to their long cue of potential studies!

Mush love!


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Episode 49

Beth Weinstein is a spiritual business coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs align with their purpose and grow their business so that they can help more people, be fulfilled in what they do, and have a thriving business working when, how and where they want.

Beth is also the founder of the Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose & Business Summits (2019 – 2021), as well as the founder and host of The Psychedelic Entrepreneur podcast.  

During this episode, we discuss the following topics:
– Utilizing psychedelics and other mind and body modalities for healing, business and overall alignment along your life’s mission.
– Psychedelics & helping to overcome fear including things like imposter syndrome, finances, and anxiety.
– Working with psychedelics and an abundant mindset to be open to receiving.
– Practical steps in starting your own soul-led business.

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Episode 31

On this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to Kelli Tennant. Kelli is a Top 50 Podcast host leading the way for women to step into their sexuality unapologetically.

During this episode, we discuss her road to recovery after a diagnosis with Fibromyalgia, we talk sexual liberation, we talk psychedelics, and we talk empowerment.

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More about Kelli: As a former TV Host, Kelli knows what it’s like to be the good girl and follow the rules, and she’s helping others break out of this toxic cycle. She’s created an incredibly successful media company and facilitates transformative women’s circles.

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Episode 27

On this week’s episode, I’m with visionary artist Wrenna Monet and wow does she have a story. Wrenna was in a near-fatal commercial boating accident in 2010 that left her with a blood clot in the brain, a traumatic brain injury, chronic fibromyalgia, and a near complete loss of identity. However it was this accident that sparked her artistic passion and is now the motivating force in her life.

During this ep, we talk about her road to recovery, how psychedelics have played a huge role in her healing, and her artistic process when creating visionary art.

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Episode 16

New week, new trip! 🍄 Catch this week ‘s episode of Trip On This with the lovely Becca Alves! Becca is open about being nervous around big events (i.e. a psychedelic trip) and discusses how she was able to navigate those feelings. We have some laughs, while dropping tips all along the way.

This ep is great for beginners who are interested in hearing more about a psychedelic experience from someone who is fairly new to their own journey.

About Becca: Becca Alves is a travel and lifestyle content creator and is the founder of digital agency, Drishti Social. Drishti is a boutique social media and marketing agency that caters to conscious companies in the social space.

Find Becca on Social! 👉🏻 @petitevagabond on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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Episode 15

Zach & Sandra Walker, the dynamic duo behind psychedelic jewelry and apparel brand, Lord Bazel, was an absolute blast to have on the show. This convo is like none other I’ve recorded yet on TRIP ON THIS. Yes we talk about psychedelics, their experiences, and why we think psychedelic use tripled in 2020, but we also get into some deeper topics around spirituality, energy, and oh yes — even aliens. 👽😏

About Lord Bazel: Celebrating our innate creativity and the stories that shape us, Lord Bazel is a fashion brand expressing the power of our mind to manifest our reality. Lead by husband-wife duo Zachary and Sandra Walker, each piece is a reminder to expand your mind and style and contribute to the conversation around psychedelics and their needed expansion in our society.

Learn more at:

Episode 13

There’s a reason I chose this episode to come out the week of my birthday. It’s one of my favorite eps I’ve recorded so far. It’s deep, it’s meaningful, and filled with invaluable nuggets whether you’ve had a psychedelic trip or not. I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend Sam Krumrine for gracing the mic with his poetic words. ✨

We not only talk about the psychedelic experience but really dive into the deeper spaces of what it means to be human. There are so many invaluable takeaways in this episode.

About Sam: Sam Krumrine is an LA-based actor, singer, and writer. He stands for love, forgiveness, unity, and the freedom of authentic expression. He’s a passionate lover of Mama Nature and is currently traveling the southwest in a camper with his partner. He’s traveled the world performing and teaching with the Young Americans. For recent works, see him in the film “Dead In The Water”, which premiered on the new Lifetime Movie Club app. Keep an eye out for two upcoming releases on his self-produced film “Burn My Money” out May 2021 and a film called “Kill A Prophet” releasing October 2021.

Episode 1

In this episode of Trip On This, Natalie Garnica and host, Kat Walsh, discuss a range of topics from different psychedelic experiences with Magic Mushrooms, LSD, and DMT, to discussing self-love, self-pleasure and how sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality can be a powerful source of energy.

About Natalie: Natalie Garnica is a creative, spiritual, female entrepreneur  in service of a better world through self love. She combines her work as a fashion stylist and production manager to support women get clear on their personal gifts and values so they can trust themselves to take action and create a fulfilled life.