Episode 36

Kundalini activations, alien encounters, and non-ordinary states of consciousness? Don’t mind if I do! This week on the pod, I’m with psychic channel and energy healer, Bre Jenkins. 

On this ep, we discuss energy healing, Kundalini Awakening, psychedelics, and OH YEAH — in-depth encounters with extraterrestrial beings. 

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Episode 15

Zach & Sandra Walker, the dynamic duo behind psychedelic jewelry and apparel brand, Lord Bazel, was an absolute blast to have on the show. This convo is like none other I’ve recorded yet on TRIP ON THIS. Yes we talk about psychedelics, their experiences, and why we think psychedelic use tripled in 2020, but we also get into some deeper topics around spirituality, energy, and oh yes — even aliens. 👽😏

About Lord Bazel: Celebrating our innate creativity and the stories that shape us, Lord Bazel is a fashion brand expressing the power of our mind to manifest our reality. Lead by husband-wife duo Zachary and Sandra Walker, each piece is a reminder to expand your mind and style and contribute to the conversation around psychedelics and their needed expansion in our society.

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