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Episode 30

My guest this week is musician Big Black Delta aka Jonathan Bates. Jon has an incredibly spiritual life and during this episode, he discusses how discovering his journey into Self has informed his music and continues to shape his choices. With the pandemic devastating many musicians, Jon discusses how he has been diving into the unknown with a new level of trust in the universe.

Big Black Delta has collaborated with a number of other artists such as Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Poison The Well drummer Chris Hornbrook to name a few. He also released his fourth album, “4”, in July 2020 and is currently working on his fifth album.  

Check out Big Black Delta’s music below and for those in LA, there will be a show on September 22nd. Links below!

Big Black Delta LA Show:
Vessel Music Video:
Huggin & Kissin’ Live:
Lord Only Knows Music Video:
Summoners (Pt 1-4) Music Video:
Air Conditioned Dork Music Video:

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Episode 20

Calling all MMA fans! I had such a good time speaking with retired MMA champion & UFC Fighter Ian McCall about his incredible healing journey using psychedelics and other mindfulness practices to help aid in his recovery from PTSD and addiction to painkillers. Ian is now a psychedelic integration coach (@themccallmethod), a psilocybin advocate, a stand-up comedian and podcast host. He just launched a new adult puppet show all about weed & psychedelics called The Puffets. Ian also made an appearance the HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: “Psychedelic In Sports”. (If you haven’t seen it, that’s also a must!)

About Ian: Ian McCall is a Retired American Mixed Martial Arts World Champion, Psychedelic Research Advocate, Decriminalize California Event Director, Psilocybin Advocate, Performance Coach & Mentor.He is an Elixicure Ambassador, also known for his podcast, “Story Time with Uncle Creepy” and has recently started a new podcast, “Intellectual Giants”. Ian is also a Stand-Up Comedian and has just released a new adult puppet show about weed and psychedelics called The Puffets.

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Episode 19

I’m with the stunning Raven Marie for this week’s episode and wow does she have an incredible story to tell. It’s a journey about true faith and how she was ultimately led to working with the sacred plant medicine, Iboga. ✨

Raven is a reiki master and an Iboga facilitator at Awaken Your Soul retreat center in Costa Rica. She has helped facilitate ceremonies for over 150 people and works with them after on their integration. This is an incredible episode if you want to hear a story about trust, faith, empowerment, and of course all the details about Iboga plant medicine — who it’s for, how to prepare, and what to “expect” knowing tip #1 is throw all expectations out the window!

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Episode 16

New week, new trip! 🍄 Catch this week ‘s episode of Trip On This with the lovely Becca Alves! Becca is open about being nervous around big events (i.e. a psychedelic trip) and discusses how she was able to navigate those feelings. We have some laughs, while dropping tips all along the way.

This ep is great for beginners who are interested in hearing more about a psychedelic experience from someone who is fairly new to their own journey.

About Becca: Becca Alves is a travel and lifestyle content creator and is the founder of digital agency, Drishti Social. Drishti is a boutique social media and marketing agency that caters to conscious companies in the social space.

Find Becca on Social! 👉🏻 @petitevagabond on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Dristi Social – @drishtisocial on IG Dishti


Episode 15

Zach & Sandra Walker, the dynamic duo behind psychedelic jewelry and apparel brand, Lord Bazel, was an absolute blast to have on the show. This convo is like none other I’ve recorded yet on TRIP ON THIS. Yes we talk about psychedelics, their experiences, and why we think psychedelic use tripled in 2020, but we also get into some deeper topics around spirituality, energy, and oh yes — even aliens. 👽😏

About Lord Bazel: Celebrating our innate creativity and the stories that shape us, Lord Bazel is a fashion brand expressing the power of our mind to manifest our reality. Lead by husband-wife duo Zachary and Sandra Walker, each piece is a reminder to expand your mind and style and contribute to the conversation around psychedelics and their needed expansion in our society.

Learn more at:

Episode 1

In this episode of Trip On This, Natalie Garnica and host, Kat Walsh, discuss a range of topics from different psychedelic experiences with Magic Mushrooms, LSD, and DMT, to discussing self-love, self-pleasure and how sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality can be a powerful source of energy.

About Natalie: Natalie Garnica is a creative, spiritual, female entrepreneur  in service of a better world through self love. She combines her work as a fashion stylist and production manager to support women get clear on their personal gifts and values so they can trust themselves to take action and create a fulfilled life.