Episode 45

For the past two years, I’ve been rolling the dice that a dream could carry me to the finish line. As we enter into 2022, I double down on that dream. I don’t know about you but I want to live an extraordinary life filled with love, adventure, fulfillment, service to others and grace.

This will be my last personal share on TRIP ON THIS. After this episode, TRIP ON THIS will be psychedelicssss baby!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be starting a second podcast/project that will be focused on spirituality, life and exploring the deeper meanings of what it is to be alive. More details coming. For now, please enjoy this final personal share of TRIP ON THIS then we stayin’ trippyyyyy, y’all!

Much love,

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Episode 19

I’m with the stunning Raven Marie for this week’s episode and wow does she have an incredible story to tell. It’s a journey about true faith and how she was ultimately led to working with the sacred plant medicine, Iboga. ✨

Raven is a reiki master and an Iboga facilitator at Awaken Your Soul retreat center in Costa Rica. She has helped facilitate ceremonies for over 150 people and works with them after on their integration. This is an incredible episode if you want to hear a story about trust, faith, empowerment, and of course all the details about Iboga plant medicine — who it’s for, how to prepare, and what to “expect” knowing tip #1 is throw all expectations out the window!

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Episode 15

Zach & Sandra Walker, the dynamic duo behind psychedelic jewelry and apparel brand, Lord Bazel, was an absolute blast to have on the show. This convo is like none other I’ve recorded yet on TRIP ON THIS. Yes we talk about psychedelics, their experiences, and why we think psychedelic use tripled in 2020, but we also get into some deeper topics around spirituality, energy, and oh yes — even aliens. 👽😏

About Lord Bazel: Celebrating our innate creativity and the stories that shape us, Lord Bazel is a fashion brand expressing the power of our mind to manifest our reality. Lead by husband-wife duo Zachary and Sandra Walker, each piece is a reminder to expand your mind and style and contribute to the conversation around psychedelics and their needed expansion in our society.

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